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Change begins with the right people

Our fearless leaders

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Christene Jennings

Principal + CEO

Data driven but people focused… leads by listening… global speaker and trainer on behavior change marketing… tapped to lead national Blue Ribbon Panels on emerging road safety issues… chief culture keeper… International Social Marketing Association board member

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Peter Mitchell

Founder + Chief Insights Officer

Former Wall Street Journal reporter turned marketer … led original “truth” antismoking effort… frequent speaker across globe on social marketing… member of Social Marketing Quarterly editorial board… lots of creative awards (Silver Anvil, Emmy, Gold Davey, etc.)… too eager to share CrossFit workout exploits

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Karen Ong Barone

Principal + Executive Creative Director

Executive creative director who grew up in design… developed our behavioral-focused branding methodology… honored nationally for explanatory graphics… strategy lead on numerous healthy child initiatives… mother of a pandemic baby… art school grad who is also skilled in math and finance

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Sara Isaac, MSc

Principal + Chief Strategist

Former journalist and word nerd turned behavioral science geek… got a second master’s degree at the London School of Economics just for fun… responsible for a successful healthy marriage campaign called I Hate Him So Much… leads team of behavior change strategists and planners.

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Meisha Thigpen

Creative Director

Creative talent with midwest roots and left-coast experience… hosts “Blooming in Black” podcast… authored award-winning TV spots… strategy lead on health and environment projects… member of International Social Marketing Association… only child who has owned over 50 pets in her lifetime

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Erin West

Media & Exposure Manager

Former journalist turned media buyer… developed our influencer marketing and user-geneated content strategy… chairs a media buying group for global communication network…managed two-time award winning creative projects… obsessed with maintaining her Kindle reading streak… dog mom of two 

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Aaron Metzger, PhD

Researcher Director

Over 50 published peer-reviewed articles and chapters… numbers nerd with borderline unhealthy affection for data and statistical analysis… energetic, if often frustrated, fantasy sports enthusiast… projects range from promoting health insurance to increasing awareness of heatwaves… dance dad of three… can carry on entire conversations using only quotes from Seinfeld, Hoosiers, or The Lord of Rings Trilogy

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Bob Redpath

Product Development Director

Builder of tech teams who is obsessed with process improvement in all technology and human endeavors…DC metro native who is now living in the woods somewhere…comfortable communicating at all levels—from tech circles to the board room (but unfortunately only in English)…active in local community assisting in community wellness initiatives…proving every time on the soccer pitch that we don’t need to be good at activities to enjoy them.

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Rob Wood

Lead Developer

Software dev guru much too careful to post a headshot on the web … inventor-in-chief for our digital products … started with giants like Netflix and glad to be using those skills for good … … fueled by coffee and a love of elegant code … when not pounding a keyboard is likely to be strumming a guitar… proud to have a son who can learn from all his mistakes