Erin West

Media & Exposure Manager

Coming to M4C in 2017 as an intern still receiving her bachelor’s degrees, Erin has spent her years at the agency using her creative and copywriting skills to develop strategic digital marketing plans and content that captures audience attention — no matter where they see it.  

As a media and exposure manager, Erin combines creative thinking, strategic planning and an understanding of advertising channels to craft and manage successful paid media campaigns. Erin has guided the strategic planning and management of the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s global communications campaign, a massive campaign run by the U.S. government to help active duty military, their eligible family members and overseas citizens vote in U.S. elections. She has also planned and implemented some of M4C’s initial influencer marketing campaigns with Washington state’s Arcora Foundation and the international Art and Creative Materials Institute, Inc, the latter which received two Addy awards in 2023. With bachelor’s degrees in journalism and creative writing from the University of Central Florida, Erin is able to oversee the strategic planning of campaign creative from the start to ensure its effectiveness on specific paid media channels. Erin currently serves as chair for IPREX’s Media Buying Practice Group.

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