Working for us

It's not for everybody...

If you’re interested in a fast-paced small-team environment with ambitious assignments, demanding standards, and an expectation for curiosity and creativity, you may be in the right place. We seek diversity — in language, background, ethnicity, skill-set, even taste and style. We want budding leaders, thinkers and problem-solvers, people captivated by more than our generous benefits package. Changing the world — even a little bit — isn’t easy. We need people talented enough to break the mold.

And one other job requirement from which no one is exempt:
Each employee must be nice. Weird, we know. We’re like that.

Joining the Staff

We hire people with unique skills or impressive experience in research, marketing, creative services, media, outreach, planning, public relations, or public affairs. We are an affirmative action/equal employment opportunity employer (AA/EEO). To learn more, send a snappy cover letter, resume and work samples to careers@saltermitchell .com

Current Job Openings

We do not currently have any openings. Please check back.

Periodically, we also have internship opportunities. To find out more about our internship program and what opportunities are available, click the internships tab.

What We Offer

SalterMitchell offers four- and six-month long paid and unpaid internships and externships in our Alexandria, VA, Orlando, FL, and Tallahassee, FL locations. Interns and externs become integral, if temporary, members of project teams, producing reports, conducting interviews, assisting with research, coordinating activities and occasionally even writing ad or PR copy. A graphic design intern and a web development intern are assigned to the creative department.

We are seeking interns interested in more than errand running and Internet research. As a small firm working on a national scale, we rely on interns to add creativity and intelligence to our marketing and communication teams, as ready to write and interview as to collate and photocopy. We want people who are passionate about the work and eager to learn. We want doers.

For our creative, research and behavior-change marketing interns, college graduates and graduate students in communications, journalism, marketing, research, psychology, design or creative writing programs are preferred, but we will also consider undergraduates in their junior or senior years with demonstrated abilities in research, marketing or advertising. In addition, Florida-based college graduates, as well as graduate students and undergraduates, with an interest in public relations and communications can apply for both internships and externships in Tallahassee with our Change Communication team. Excellent writing and analytic skills are essential for any internship. Besides seeking diversity in our workplace, we prefer interns who are personable, creative and blessed with a good sense of humor. Plus: You must be nice.

Current Internships
Marketing Assistant

Alexandria, VA  Orlando, FL 

We’re seeking qualified applicants for our internship program, one in which you’ll spend more time adding creativity and critical thinking to our work than you will making copies and grabbing coffee (although we’ll certainly need a little admin help too). From day one, you can expect to do anything from writing content to gathering research, working across multiple projects and in-house teams. We do internships differently because we know every team member has skills to grow and value to add. We'd like to chat if you are a recent graduate or graduate student in communications, marketing or a related field. Undergraduate students in their junior/senior years may be considered if they have professional experience. The internship is 20/hrs a week at $12.50/hr.

Send your resume, writing samples, a snappy cover letter and your preferred location to

Graphic Designer

Tallahassee, FL  Alexandria, VA 

SalterMitchell is a national advertising, public relations and social marketing firm employing about 35 full-time professionals. SalterMitchell works on large-scale national and statewide behavior-change efforts, many of them aimed at protecting the environment, advancing public health, improving working conditions or simply boosting the popularity of a product that makes the planet a better place to live. 

Interns become integral, if temporary, members of project teams and typically work 20-30 paid hours a week. For this position, a Graphic Designer may be based in Tallahassee, FL or Alexandria, VA. Required skills are as follows: Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign) and a knowledge of basic design principles.

To apply, please send a snappy cover letter along with links to samples of your work to our Art Director, Chris Mantzanas, at For more information, check out