Karen Ong Barone

Principal + Executive Creative Director

At Marketing for Change, she choreographs and/or creates almost all creative, including print, online, mobile, outdoor advertising, social media and branding. A few of her pet projects include promoting healthy marriages via innovative (and humorous) skill-building websites; developing a brand for a global government initiative to help the public be heard; unselling Tampa Bay residents on fertilizer; and reframing driving safety (emphasis on “safety”) as a teen social norm for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Karen is backed up by a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design from Rochester Institute of Technology. She has a minor in sociology and began her career at a boutique design firm in San Diego. Like any self-respecting artist, she has worked in a coffee shop with a cute name and a sheet music store, after running a camp for neighborhood kids out of her parent’s basement.

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