Rob Wood

Lead Developer

Rob thrives on big challenges. He strongly believes we can make the world a better place one line of code at a time. He is a fearless full stack developer with experience in pretty much every major web platform/framework/package. Rob has been working with many technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, and more) since they first came into use. He has extensive knowledge of and experience with devops, server management, security, optimization, and continuous integration/continuous deployment with a particular interest in modern serverless architecture, cloud computing, CI/CD and infrastructure as code. 

Rob is the architect behind one of Marketing for Change’s core products – the materials generator. That includes OutreachPro which was built for the National Institute on Aging that guides users to create materials rooted in behavioral strategy to increase participation in clinical research studies. In addition, he’s led the team to create digital products for clients such as Leading Age, National Volunteer Fire Council, National Writing Project and Horizon Foundation. Rob was educated in computer science at Eastern Kentucky University.