Boost Your Behavior Change Savvy With Our Best Blogs From 2023

Boost Your Behavior Change Savvy With Our Best Blogs From 2023

Sara Isaac Dec 18, 2023 1 MIN READ

Want to be a smarter change agent? Marketing for Change has been in the behavior change business for nearly 20 years and we love to share what we’ve learned. 

So here’s to doing good better in 2024 — along with some tips for getting started from our most popular blogs from this year. 

  1. Reading beneath the lies.
    To fib is to be human. So how can market researchers get honest insights? Learn from M4C Chief Insights Officer Peter Mitchell: How to Listen to Lies: Decoding What You Hear in Focus Groups.
  2. Feel superior to your audience? You’re blocking change.
    This blog is a favorite of mine — and not just because I wrote it. Learn why we need to get over ourselves to be effective change agents: Why Pity is the Enemy of Behavior Change.
  3. Reaching needle-in-a-haystack audiences.
    Get practical tips in this Q&A between Executive Creative Director Karen Ong and Erin West, M4C’s in-house expert in media targeting: How Narrow Should My Audience Be?
  4. It’s not about you.
    Do you absolutely love the creative your team just developed? That’s a flag that you are speaking to the wrong audience: yourself. If you want to get word out to others, read these tips from Karen: Top 3 Mistakes Nonprofits Make When Investing in Creative (and How to Avoid Them).
  5. Your truth is just one version.
    While there are lies, damn lies and disinformation, there is also naive realism. Learn how this cognitive bias can make even the smartest people leap to illogical (and unfair) conclusions. And yep, this is another one from me: You Are Naive and It’s a Problem.

Happy reading! And happy change making in the new year!

Sara Isaac is Chief Strategist at Marketing for Change.