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Featured Staff

John Evans

Web Developer

In order to get good stuff done, you need action. Having a landing page, email, app, or an entire website that helps you to do just that is where John comes in. He’s all about making front-ends fun and easy, like his hair care routine (just look at it).

Whether he’s flexing his JavaScript skills to make this very website exciting or making sure persons with disabilities can navigate a government website without a hitch, John’s also always thinking of others — how to make them laugh, turn their ideas into reality, and keep them from breaking something on their website. For a guy driven by collaboration and communication, it’s shocking that he’s only met one other person at Marketing for Change. Hiring during a pandemic has its limitations…

Since John’s floating head never ceases to make us smile, we thought we’d test his funny chops with a rapid fire pun Q&A.

Q: Are Florida’s palm trees overrated?
A: I can’t beLEAF you’d ask me that.
Q: You’ve written and produced your own music. What’s that like?
A: Fun. There’s no strings attached, so I can move to my own beat and piccolo the kinds of music I want to make. You should totally check it out.
Q: You’ve got a lovely cat named Hazel. What’s she like?
A: Purrfect. Sometimes I just paws what I’m doing just to be with her cuz she’s so claw-some.
Q: You can only save one from being thrown out: Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask or Mario Kart 64?
A: I don’t Nintend-on choosing!
Q: You were in Shrek the Musical and Seussical the Musical. What gives?
A: I know this interview is all a play on words, but if you have an extra minute, I’d love to perform the titular Shrek opening number —
Q: We’ve seen the movies, we’re good. What’s it like being a twin?
A: …I’ve got nothing. But it’s great — hi Luke!