Blaise DuFrain

Sr. Web Developer

Blaise leads our full-stack development team in the creative department, and manages our product development process. Blaise and his team, with specialists in frontend and backend technologies, use an agile development practice to build a wide range of websites, mobile apps and online tools on platforms ranging from Wordpress to Laravel, each with a distinct user experience subjected to a test driven development standard.


Blaise reversed the common practice of moving from engineering to sales-engineer, by diving into coding years ago from his sales position with Dell software. The result is the world’s most personable programmer, a heads-down coding ninja who gets business realities and can explain the stuff to your mom. Blaise is our leader in updating legacy applications, migrating large amounts of data, integrating with APIs, and using technologies such as Salsa, Mailgun, Mailchimp, Salesforce and Google Natural Language Processing. He is also increasingly using AI, employing machine learning, including  deep-learning, to our projects. 


Blaise is one of few people that can say they have discovered a planet. As an undergraduate, he helped collect, filter, and analyze millions of data points to identify potential extra-solar planets, two of which have since been confirmed and presented at a conference in Paris. Before joining M4C in 2015,  Blaise worked in Dell’s software group. Before that, he was a teaching aide and research assistant at the University of Dallas, where he used python and mysql to analyze data from approximately 2 million stellar images. 


Blaise holds a bachelor of science in Physics from the University of Dallas.