Change begins with the right people.

Our Fearless Leaders

Peter Mitchell

Chairman + Chief Creative Officer

Former Wall Street Journal reporter turned marketer... led original "truth" antismoking effort... idea person and copywriter... frequent speaker across the globe on social marketing... lots of creative awards (Silver Anvil, Emmy, Gold Davey, etc.)... terrible dresser... met wife on plane to Amsterdam

Christene Jennings

Chief Operating Officer

Data driven but people focused… keeper of company culture… global speaker and trainer on behavior change marketing… led campaigns on end of life, sex education, traffic safety and clean water… vegetarian… met husband at punk show as a teenager… plans to be rock star in next life

Karen Ong

Creative Director

Devoted to making complex information simple ... her creative ideas have led to happier marriages and prevented the pollution of Tampa Bay ... loves trains ... wants to be on The Amazing Race ... likes her design like she likes her house: clean ... has a dog that is blind in one eye ... started career as a photographer

Robert Bailey

Research Director

Economist turned pollster turned social-marketing researcher... would call himself a "data anthropologist" if he knew what it meant... diverse range of assignments spans from promoting Las Vegas tourism to preventing youth suicide... interests include behavioral economics, complexity science and South Park... takes jujitsu as an excuse to wear pajamas in public

Alex Buchholz

Digital Director + CTO

From full stack web frameworks to rocket launches, Alex knows the ropes of website development and software engineering. While he is a rocket scientist at heart, web development is his true passion. He's grown an appetite for challenging problem solving and leadership and is driven to learn the latest and greatest technologies. A good day for him is a day full of head scratching and tinkering.

Sara Isaac

Director of Behavior Change Marketing

Proud word nerd… fascinated by what makes people tick… behavior change researcher and blogger… former reporter and editor… has led campaigns on climate change, SIDS, oral health and clean water… League of Women Voters rabble rouser in her spare time