Featured Staff

Paula Kaledzi

Marketing Associate

No stranger to trying everything at least once, Paula is always looking for opportunities to do just about anything. And if you’re as curious as she is, you too can find yourself turning public health theory and english lit into digital and paid media strategy. It’s not that much of a stretch.

Search engine optimization audits, optimization sprints, analytics reports, paid media campaigns, and other marketing and digital buzzwords give Paula the tingles. Why? Because that kind of insight can create digital products that inspire and sustain behavior change. She loves evidence-based practice, and so do we.

We were curious about Paula’s curiosity, so we stopped by her desk to ask her just about anything.

Q: Why did you study Norwegian?
A: Shockingly enough, it was easier than Spanish.
Q: What lives rent free in your head?
A: Vines, ideas for game show questions, YouTube circa 2010, and the studio where my anxiety resides. Might start charging for that space…
Q: Last place you can be found?
A: At the deep end of a pool. I can’t stress this enough — I never learned to swim.
Q: Then why did you try to join the swim team in high school?
A: You’ve got to have at least one misplaced aspiration. And besides, I became a team assistant, so administrative skills: +1. Death by drowning: -1.
Q: If you could get back one thing that you’ve lost, what would it be?
A: The $100 I spent on clothing I knew was the wrong size. I still have misplaced aspirations.
Q: What do you think about when you’re not working?
A: Which state has the best privacy laws for lottery winners and how I’m going to move there. It’s important to plan for your future as a wealthy person.