Featured Staff

Caleb Kerlin

Director of Video Production

Directing since he was two, Caleb’s love for the camera and strong script writing skills have led to our agency winning regional and national awards and earned him the self proclaimed title, Video Overlord. Caleb can do it all — casting, directing, writing, filming, and editing. He can also scout locations and handle licensing, but prefers you don’t ask him to.

Caleb’s cool, collected, and professional demeanor lends itself to smooth shoots around the country, talent shining bright on camera, and edits that surpass client expectations. It also lends itself to an unheard of level of chill around celebrities. He’s rubbed shoulders with some big names (we refuse the name drop since it doesn’t help our SEO), and insists he wasn’t the least bit starstruck (sure).

Flashing cameras in tow, we hired a local theatre troupe to give Caleb the paparazzi treatment outside his home.

Q: Caleb, Caleb, Caleb! What are you wearing right now?
A: Everything expensive from head to toe. Don’t want to say too much or people will jack my style, but five-year old Chuck Taylors, straight leg jeans from a now defunct Sears in Sarasota, and a soft black hoodie from a local skater teen.
Q: Caleb! Your last message in the company chatroom said you were taking a call. But our sources actually saw you out on a run, about three miles from your home. Who’s telling the truth?
A: No comment.
Q: Over here, Caleb! Last week in a director’s interview you said you preferred gorillas? Why did you make a targeted attack against other primates?
A: Out of context and honestly an attack on me. I said that with smaller markets, you can film guerilla style and I prefer it that way. And if we’re being honest, bonobos are superior to gorillas.
Q: Mr. Kerlin, Johnny from FilmFanGossip.net — we saw a script circulating online that’s got your signature storytelling all over it. Does this mean you and David Fincher are headed to the studio?
A: They let you out of Kansas City, Johnny? Nice. Might have to call up Dave and see what you guys are talking about!
Q: Caleb, do you have anything to say to aspiring writers and filmmakers?
A: Find the time to do something else you love and to be with the ones you love. It’s in those moments that you truly see the human experience and find a story worth telling. And hit the save button as many times as you can!