In a world upended by COVID-19, where does everything else fit in?

The coronavirus outbreak is a 9/11-like milestone that’s changing how we see the world. A new normal is emerging and we’re glad to be helping good causes get in front first to shape what comes next.

As an agency rooted in change, we know to embrace these times. We are leveraging our expertise in social psychology and behavioral economics to help good causes understand, adjust and pivot – all while staying home and using every bit of bandwidth we can find.

Here are three ways we are helping good causes win:

Rapid Reframing Research

We are convening online interactive qualitative research studies, following groups of people over a few weeks, and examining how values, needs-states and priorities are changing in post-COVID America. The results guide how client initiatives should be nurtured, tweaked and framed for success in the months ahead.

Recalibration Sessions

Much as we have for years with our campaign synthesis sessions, we are facilitating half-day workshops with clients and their stakeholders to take a fresh look at strategies, tactics and brands in light of the COVID-19 reality. The goal is twofold: Finding breakthrough ideas and creating needed consensus.

Omnibus Parent Norms Survey

Our IPREX Parent Normal Survey queries 1,500 parents nationally on their parenting behaviors and perceived norms. This spring, we asked about behavior before and after COVID-19 disrupted family life.

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Marketing for Change Co. is a founding member of the Pandemic Behavioral Working Group.

The Pandemic Behavioral Working Group provides real-time, evidence-based strategies for global public health communications and policies.

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