The Mighty Mouth
Case Study

The Mighty Mouth

The Challenge

Research shows almost everyone agrees oral health is important to overall health. But awareness alone is not always enough to prompt the (often dreaded) annual trip to the dentist, or build support for increasing access to oral healthcare.

Our Approach

In 2013, Arcora Foundation hired us to design a campaign to transform how much Washingtonians value their oral health by influencing how they act. After conducting formative research to uncover attitudes, barriers and opportunities, we crafted the strategic framework for a campaign we dubbed The Mighty Mouth. The campaign focused on eliminating the artificial separation of oral health and overall health, which meant working with a diverse group of partners whose health-focused work paired well with the campaign’s messaging, as well as inserting oral health in the conversation with audiences already engaged in some form of health management or planning. We have managed implementation for the past two years, creating more than 10 videos (including a spot starring Lou the Adult Tooth Fairy) and designing a wide range of collateral items, including branded floss giveaways, for several audience groups. In addition, to date we have conducted five regional and statewide media buys, including planning, implementation and evaluation across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google AdWords and YouTube, as well as sponsored content and banner ads across a host of websites.

The Results

Fifteen months after campaign launch, 62% of surveyed Washington adults demonstrated campaign awareness through aided recall and four of the five measures used to gauge oral health value strengthened.

The Mighty Mouth