The Art and Creative Materials Institute
Case Study

The Art and Creative Materials Institute

The Challenge

Only 13% of educators we surveyed recognized that there are specific health and safety seals and certifications they should look for on products, even though educators in both administrative and grade-level roles were making or influencing art supply purchase decisions—or knew who was. Our campaign with ACMI sought to change the percentage of educators who recognize the art product safety seals and their meanings, and that the use of non-sealed art products in the classroom could be a safety concern for parents.

Our Approach

In 2020, Marketing for Change built a behavior change campaign that would establish ACMI’s art product safety seals as a classroom norm and influence educator purchasing decisions, thereby enhancing child safety in classrooms and at home.

The Results

Instead of solely establishing brand awareness and informing our audience, we created a campaign that met educators where they were and disseminated key messages through familiar formats. Using a true product offer, we presented our target audience with carefully crafted lesson plans that met their unique needs during key purchasing times (beginning of the school year, Amazon Prime Day, etc.). In turn, they consumed key messaging through use of the lesson plans. Alongside social media micro-influencers, we created a norm around the target behavior, using self-standards to encourage the use of ACMI’s safety sealed products in the classroom and at home during the COVID-19 hybrid-learning era. This digital-forward campaign included the creation of a website and partnerships with art educator micro-influencers with strong presences on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Alongside the art educator influencers, we created certified lesson plans for elementary and secondary art educators that centered ACMI’s safety seals, and full-length, tutorial-style videos featuring the influencers.

The Art and Creative Materials Institute