Real Life. Real Talk.
Case Study

Real Life. Real Talk.

The Challenge

Sex is everywhere in America, but information about sexual health is not. Splashing sexual images anywhere is easy, but most Americans are still reluctant to talk openly and honestly about contraception, sex education and sexually transmitted infections. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America, working with the Ford Foundation and the Academy for Educational Development, asked us to help spur more conversations about the topic in a way that would change the climate around sexual health in a series of pilot markets.

Typical Approach

Tell America how important it is to address these issues; show examples of how people are devastated by remaining quiet.

Our Approach

Make talk easier. We designed a crash course for parents called Sex Ed for Parents where participants received valuable nuggets of information — knowledge cash — to share with peers. TV spots and newspaper ads promoted the classes. At the same time, an outdoor advertising campaign used the great outdoors to make sexual health topics less taboo.

The Results

Talk about sexual health went viral while compelling creative and a new intervention made addressing sexual health topics more useful and fun.

Real Life. Real Talk.