Promoting Better Marriages
Case Study

Promoting Better Marriages

The Challenge

Brought aboard to examine how a social service agency might promote marriage and encourage stable families, we were struck by one clear reality: people want to tie the knot. Ninety-two percent of adults in our target areas had been, planned to be, or already were married. The problem appeared to be the product itself: marriage. Half don’t last.

Typical Approach

Tell people why marriage is so great.

Our Approach

We surveyed our target audience and, through cluster and regression analysis, found a psychographic scale that both correlated with and was a predictor of relationship-breaking attitudes and behaviors. Our interactive creative — including and — targets those “magical thinkers.” A humorous approach resonates with common frustrations, while providing tips for strengthening relationships. It draws in those who need help most — and who are least likely to seek it on their own.

The Results

No funds were available for a post-campaign evaluation. But we did have one concrete sign of success: at the height of the campaign, from June 2008 and January 2009, class enrollment to the You&Me.We relationship workshops — the end point of our marketing funnel — increased from 12 to 204 attendees. To this day, workshop enrollment continues to be nearly five times higher than it was pre-campaign.

Promoting Better Marriages